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I’m 35 years old and I have acne. How the hell did that happen?! I thought white heads were supposed to be banished to your awkward teenage years. Let me tell you there is nothing more awkward that turning up to a meeting with your CEO, dressed to impress in your best work attire with a chin full of oozing spots and pimples, wanting to be taken seriously. 

Maybe my CEO – or everyone else I imagine starring at them – doesn’t notice them but it does make me self-conscious. How did I get here?  I struggled with my skin a little when I was a (slightly) awkward teenager but luckily, I had a mum who recognised the importance of a good basic skincare regime and regular facials. That seemed to get me through a few years until I started the contraceptive pill and began ten blissful years of clean skin. 

Back in those days, all I worried about were the dark circles caused by my rather hectic social life. When I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill, I didn’t expect to see many changes. Boy, was I wrong. Within three months, I was battling monthly outbreaks, which over the course of a year got progressively worse. Blackheads, white heads, milia – you name it, I had it. Foundation covers up the angry redness to a certain degree but it didn’t cover up the lumps and bumps. Nor does it do anything to cure the problem it’s meant to cover.  

In the last few months, I have got serious with my skin and I starting to see some real improvements. Am I there yet? No but – dare I say it – things are starting to move in the right direction. I am by no means a skincare expert so the below points shouldn’t be taken as miracle cure but I do believe they are starting to help me. 

  1. Regular facials
    I have a facial – which includes all important extractions from someone who knows what they are doing – once a month. It might seem extravagant but so are a round of cocktails at an expensive bar and I would rather have glowing skin than a hangover!
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  2. Salicylic peels.
    A few months ago, I caved and visited a dermatologist, who prescribed me a series of salicylic peels. I purchased a course of four with one every two weeks. They are salon strength but have no downtime. Even after the first one, I noticed a positive improvement.
  3. A regular skincare regime.
    Trust me, I have spent a lot of money on expensive lotions and potions but more recently I have paired it back. I am now using Eucerin Dermopure Cleansing Gel, Eucerin Dermapure Toner (both of which contain lactic acid), a good quality – but not expensive – moisturiser and a topical antibiotic in the evening as prescribed by the dermatologist.
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  4. LED light mask
    It makes me look like Hannibal Lecter and my boyfriend thinks it is ridiculous but a combination of the red and blue LED light, a few times a week while I binge watch Netflix, helps kills the bacteria which causes spots.
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  5. Diet
    Stress, lack of sleep and diet are all factors that contribute towards the condition of my skin. So, I’ve made a few changes, which I think have helped. Most mornings, I drink a cup of warm water with lemon to get my digestive system moving before grabbing my NutriBullet to make a green smoothie consisting of spinach, kale, coconut oil, coconut water and sunflower seeds. The kale and spinach mean I get a good portion of my daily greens, which help clear impurities from the body. The coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory nutrients (plus it makes it taste bearable) while the sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, the body’s main fat-soluble antioxidant.  All in all, it’s a powerful start to the day!



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