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Welcome to Bare Beauty and our new blog; if you haven’t heard of Bare Beauty before we specialise in skin care and beauty in Saffron Walden.

We’re not quite like any other beauty clinic in Saffron Walden; we offer our customers the latest in skincare technology, treatments which celebrities in London, NYC and LA rely on to keep them looking their best.

Harriet, the Co-Founder and Head of Beauty is fast becoming one of the towns most popular therapist, known for her results-driven and clinically-backed treatments. Harriet was born and raised in the Saffron Walden area is focused on bringing cutting edge treatments to our rural town.

Since achieving a degree in Sociology she’s trained in the latest skincare and hair removal techniques as well as non-invasive and cutting-edge body contouring. Yes, that’s right ladies, you can target the stubborn fat that you’ve struggled to tone in the gym using ‘fat freezing’ techniques here in Saffron Walden.

Our clients are often amazed by how many treatments we’re able to offer here at Bare Beauty. Harriet is qualified in semi-permanent makeup, the latest skincare, hair removal, Sesderma chemical peels and micro needling. For our first blog, we decided to ask Harriet which are her favourite treatments; so here they are with a little extra detail:

Semi-Permanent Makeup

It’s great to be able to bring high-quality semi-permanent makeup to Saffron Walden. Semi-permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing; it uses pharmaceutical grade pigments to create the appearance of permanent makeup. At Bare Beauty every treatment is tailor-made to suit you; so whether you’d like to look like you’re wearing makeup from the moment you wake up, or if you’d like the more natural look to help accentuate your features we’ll work with the goals you have.


We’re proud to have brought this amazing Anti-ageing treatment, to Saffron Walden. We’re the only salon able to offer the latest model of CACI  in Saffron Walden, synergy is their latest technology. Celebrities are notorious for relying on CACI facials; from Anthony Joshua to Jennifer Lopez and Madona. It’s the latest in non-surgical facial technology, and we’re proud to offer CACI in Saffron Walden.

So how does it work? CACI uses microcurrents to gently help tighten and tone sagging muscles while soothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  When combined with special movements they have a dramatic firming and lifting result on the face. Depending on the results you’re looking for and your age we recommend a course of 10 treatments over a period of 5-10 weeks.  

One of the great parts of this non-surgical facelift is there’s no downtime!  You can take your new, uplifted face straight out to lunch with the girls.

Cryolipolysis Also Known As Fat Freezing & Cavitation

We’re so excited to be able to offer Fat Freezing in Saffron Walden. It is something most women battle with; despite putting in all the hours at the gym and eating all of the right things, sometimes we just can’t get rid of those remaining pockets of fat.

So, how does fat freezing work? Fat cells are frozen for a short period of time to break them down; the cooling paddles suction the skin and crystalise the fat cells. It won’t help you lose loads of weight as fat doesn’t weigh as much as muscle, but it will get rid of those hard to target fat pouches. If you maintain a healthy diet it will give you long lasting results. If you can squeeze it – we can freeze it.

Cavitation is great to combine with fat freezing; it utilises low-frequency ultrasonic waves which penetrate the fat layer. It vibrates the fat cells at such a frequency that they implode and become liquid. This makes it easy for the body to remove them. Despite the term ‘implode’ this treatment doesn’t hurt at all; most clients don’t feel anything, while others feel warming.

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