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The Beauty Regimen

Last month I wrote a blog all about the big moisturiser debate. If you haven’t read it, catch up here. After writing it, it really got me thinking about the whole skincare regime we go through daily, probably even twice daily.

The thought process…

Sometimes I feel like just splashing my face with water… I don’t because I’m so conditioned not to. However, I’m aware of being sucked into all the hype.
There was a trend not so long ago, imported from Korean Beauty, a country I fully admire for their advancement in beauty products, which proposed the idea that you need at least seven or eight different products each morning and evening.

Influencers, are they cashing in on the hype?

This was backed by influencers and so became really popular; before we knew it the bathroom cabinet was full of moisturisers and products with a list of which order to use them in.

Trust me when I say you do not need this sort of commitment – you so do not! There is sea change as to how we get our beauty advice and it is moving from influencers who are paid for a post and have often not tried the product they are pushing to honest knowledgeable beauty advisers. A good therapist/advisor should be constantly refreshing their knowledge and training. They are after all in the business of making people feel and look good.

Switching things up

If you have been using the same skincare products for years without a change, think again. Yes, there are hero products out there – Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour moistuiser cream is a classic; it has been around forever and sells a pot every 30 seconds somewhere in the world.

Your skincare may need to change with the seasons…

Hear me out, I believe you need to evaluate your products every time you get to the bottom of the pot. Your skin will change over time and differing hormonal levels will have an impact. The change in season will also have a bearing.

Think about how you change your foundation to suit your skin colour throughout summer, winter and even during or after your holidays. Your skincare regimen should be reviewed in the same way. Before you start throwing out all your old products; your skin should be reviewed regularly, but this doesn’t mean you have to change just for the sake it. 

How do you review yoru skin?

Really look at your skin, evaluate your needs. Is it time to ditch the night moisturiser and go with a serum…?

  • Is my skin dry and would it benefit from a moisturiser boost, or do I need an anti-ageing cream? Yes, if you are over 35 you should consider adding in anti-ageing products.
  • Do I need an eye cream – yes if you are over 20, you should be looking after your most delicate areas!!!!

Use products in moderation

We often get clients coming into Bare Beauty with a particular skin problem and many times the problem has been caused by using too much product and over-layering. We get clients to pare back on their products, give some samples to try and often the problem is solved without super expensive treatments.

Nobody has exactly the same skin, which is why there are so many products on the market; while a beauty influencer may use 7 products a supermodel may use just one. You have to do what is right for your skin; consider what stage you’re in your life. If you’re unsure what’s right for you, come and see Harriet; she has a machine which can scan your skin, looking at the top layer and what’s going on deeper down. 

To book your free scan and try out some samples click the link here. (It’s right at the bottom of the list)

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