Elenzia Cellulite

Elenzia; saggy neck & cellulite thighs be gone!

Introducing Elenzia

Now not many people will know what the word Elenzia means, but if you saw the difference it makes when added to a Radio Frequency (RF) PROFACIAL or added to a RF treatment on CELLULITE THIGHS you would fall in love with it! -Trust me!

We came across this newly launched product in the UK from the Spanish technology giant Endor, it was tucked away at the last beauty show. After speaking with the team about its benefits and the effect it has on thigh cellulite, I thought if this delivers what it says it can; Elenzia is a total a total game changer for RF!

We looked at the technology behind the product and tested the serum on a couple of willing guinea pigs. Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to try and get rid of cellulite with a new product?

Elenzia Results

With the Elenzia test done, we got visible results! Unfortunately, there was not enough Serum for me, and Harriet banned me from taking part saying I couldn’t benefit from all the goodies! She also said, if I thought it was so good I would have to wait for the official supply. I did, and I have!

Created in Spain, a Country really advanced in Nanotechnology Endor technologies have invested years of medical research in dermatology to promote healthy looking skin. There are two formulas; one for the face and one for the body. Clinical studies have shown the serum used with RF produces an 18% better result in the reduction of cellulite over Radio Frequency alone and a 25% increase in wrinkle reduction on the face! We were impressed by these claims but still remained sceptical… until the guinea pigs showed us differently! Suffice to say the results were obvious and each person we trialled this with has opted to add Elenzia to their PROFACIAL and Radio Frequency Cellulite treatment.

Absolute Collagen

Collagen Shots

These are my personal observations on Collagen shots or fancy liquids that cost a fortune and which can be used as part of your daily skin care regime.

I have been fascinated by the plethora of advertising around Collagen shots, they are taken orally and claim to deliver all sorts of benefits to the skin and general appearance of the body. We don’t sell any of these at Bare Beauty so I have no commercial interest here. I have trialled six varieties over 6 months and some have cost a fortune and others have made me smell. And not in a nice way.

The Collagen Verdict

The best one I have found is also the cheapest – absolutecollagen. Each 10ml dose contains 8g of pure hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and vitamin C. The taste is questionable but bearable. The Company has won loads of awards and was the winner of the CEW UK Beauty Awards this year. You can buy it on the internet and a month’s supply is £26.99.

I think it works but didn’t see the results for 4-6 weeks. If you are taking or looking to start taking these supplements this company is well worth a go.

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– Deborah –

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