Millie Adult Acne & Rosacea

Help! I’ve got adult acne & Rosacea

I’ll start by saying I was super lucky when I was a teenager; I wouldn’t say I was spot-free but I certainly didn’t suffer from acne like most my age.

After I hit the age of 25 everything changed, I started suffering from rosacea and adult acne which I’d joyfully avoided when I was a teenager! I assumed it was hormonal as it was along my jawline but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to go away!


At first, I had no idea what it was, suddenly I seemed to be getting what looked like acne on my cheeks and nose, but my skin was dry and burning hot. The worst part was that there was no covering it up; no matter how much makeup I used it just showed through.

After about 2 years of suffering and it slowly affecting my confidence, I visited my doctor and pushed for a referred with a specialist. This resulted in the diagnosis of Rosacea, where he gave me a topical steroid for the Rosacea and another cream to use daily for the adult acne.

Treatment and steroids

I’ve always been someone who cares about my skin, using sun cream and making sure I use good quality products. At the time I hated the thought of applying steroid creams to my face, but I went with it as I was fed up of acne and the Rosey dry pimple-covered cheeks.

A few days later and the cream had started working, I finally thought I’d see the back of this adult acne, but within a few months of using the treatment, it was back stronger than ever.

It felt like there was nothing I could do, I had tried all the treatments, from Dermalogica to Avène, Clarines to Clinique, Environ and even using nothing at all. Nothing worked and many felt like they made it worse.

I’d got to the point where I felt like there was no hope until Harriet suggested a skin scan; she wanted to find out what is happening in the deeper layers of my skin. Maybe there would be some clues on what’s going so wrong…

Millie Adult Acne & Rosacea & Sesderma

My skin scan

I have to say my skin scan was a little shocking; it looks at the sun damage, dirt, dry skin and bacteria. It turns out, my skincare cleaning routine isn’t as good as I thought it was and neither is my sun cream!

I’ve always used sun cream, but not a very high factor… every day I’ll apply factor 15 under my makeup but my skin scan showed that this hasn’t been very effective. The damage was around 30% adding to my skin age and increasing my risks of skin cancer. Harriet, unphased by my shock handed over a few samples of a sun cream which was a factor 30 designed to help repair some of the damage, while also protecting; she highlighted how it can be used as a primer for my makeup as well which saves on product.


Next up was the bacteria scan; this one seriously grossed me out, it said I had lots of bacteria on my face, which is worrying and possibly a cause of some of the Rosacea. Harriet explained how a face cloth or cream cleanser can sometimes just push the dirt around your face, so recommended a cleanser called Ovalis by Sesderma. Again, as she recommended the product a few samples were handed over; this one is used with a cotton pad almost like a toner but you keep using new pads until they appear clean after each wipe.

Moisturiser and Exfoliator

Finally, we moved onto how dry my skin was; it seemed like it was quite patchy so Harriet recommended a very gentle exfoliator and acne targeting moisturiser.

As i left Bare Beauty I was excited to try my bundle of samples; there was plenty there to try over a few weeks so I skipped home with the faint hope of at least sorting out the sun damage I didn’t know I had!

A few weeks later

My Rosacea has completely cleared up, my skin has a more even skin tone and i feel like it now glows. I’ve suffered for so many years and now, with the right products i feel settled. I know at some point my routine may need tweaking as your skin changes as you age but i’m just so relieved to have gotten rid of both the acne and the burning red cheeks!

If you’re suffering with something similar, don’t be afraid to ask for Harriets advice. Book a free consultation, it costs nothing and could totally change your confidence and how you feel about your skin! I even get away without wearing makeup now!

Book a free consultation

A few things I’ve learnt over the weeks I’ve been using the products Bare Beauty recommended…

  1. While I may have been washing and cleaning my face, it really wasn’t as clean as I thought it was.
  2. I shouldn’t be afraid to use a moisturiser even with acne.
  3. Not every product is the same; after years of failing with so many products, it’s made such a huge difference finding something that worked so well for me.
  4. Know your skin, Harriet offers skin scans as part of the free consultation, it’s there to find out more about what’s going on below the surface and boy did I need it!
  5. If you’re struggling, don’t just accept it, when a doctors cream doesn’t work, there may be something out there for you still. Speak to someone who knows skin and skin care.

Millie Adult acne & Rosacea



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