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We kicked off our blog at the end of March and introduced you to Harriet and a bit about Bare Beauty. This time I would like to introduce you to Light Therapy & me, Deborah. I’m Harriet’s business partner and as I am much older, between us; we can offer the perfect combination of advice, views and news from different age generations.

We started Bare Beauty with a mind to make all women feel good about themselves and to offer honest realistic advice at affordable prices. There is a lot of hype and elastic truths in the beauty business; it is really easy to part with your well-earned cash for little result. Which in turn makes you feel worse about yourself.

At Bare Beauty we test everything! We always aim to give you an honest review including the highs and lows of every treatment and product we offer. Although, I will say if you embark on something you really need to buy into it. So, if you require a course of treatment, be prepared for a course and then crucially make time for that all-important monthly maintenance. Without maintenance, you are wasting your money.

I am going to aim to write something interesting about our salon and what is interesting for women on a regular basis. This month we’re talking about the incredible results of Light Therapy…

Light Therapy

I want to share with you the concept of LIGHT THERAPY or LED because quite frankly, it’s a thing that excites me every time I use it. It’s simple, cost-effective and really really works.

Used as part of your skin care regime it enhances and maintains the results of all the other things you do. It helps improve skin tone and texture, and it helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It and can also be used as a stand-alone treatment for acne. You may think it sounds too good to be true but believe me, you just have to see the before and after photos below!

Of course, you can buy cheap versions on the internet and these do work in a diluted way; but what you need to look for is the power of the Red and Near –IR wavelength. You should also look for Blue and Red light. Unfortunately, you will never find the great delivery of a salon powered program with a home appliance.

At Bare Beauty, we use Celluma Pro; it features a whopping Blue 465nm, Red 640nm and Near- IR880nm. I know that’s blinded you with science but it gives you an idea of what to look for. The LIGHT THERAPY treatment should be as close to your clean skin as possible and you should be aiming for about 30 minutes twice a week for 6 weeks followed by ongoing maintenance.

Introducing Our Celluma Club!

Join our CELLUMA CLUB – we have come up with a way for you to enjoy the salon Light Therapy hit at an affordable price.

Pay a monthly subscription of £120 and this allows you to come into Bare Beauty twice a week for a 30-minute session. A standalone treatment is £30 without our Celluma Club so it’s a huge saving of £120 per month. Of course, you can still just pay for the one-off treatment but I guarantee you will want more.

Maintenance subscription is £75 per month which allows one treatment per week.

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Light therapy in Saffron Walden | Beauty Saffron Walden | Beauty Clinic Saffron Walden


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