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 Semi-Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation

This week I’m busting myths on the process; I’ve have had my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips done and each has a story…

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

As some of you may know I am 63, so when I was 16 the fashion trend was for those really thin arched eyebrows. I plucked out every single hair just to make sure I was ultra-fashionable.

Clearly, this was a mistake, because 47 years later most of them have never grown back (unlike the hair on my chin but more about that in my next month’s blog!)

I paid a vast amount of money about 15 years ago to get my eyebrows tattooed back on, this was at the start of semi-permanent makeup. The tattooist came recommended by my hairdresser at the time and was London based.

Times Have Changed

Back in the day, it was just at the beginning of the semi-permanent makeup trend and not done by therapists with an understanding of the facial structure. The pigments used were also not sophisticated. Over the years my still rather arched although thicker eyebrows turned orange. It was the unsophisticated red pigmentation reacting to my skin colouring – who would have known!! I tried laser to get them off – it was unsuccessful. I bullied Harriet into training in Permanent makeup for purely selfish reasons and was very pleased that not only did she like creating wonderful eyebrows she had a flair for it.

Techniques and Effects

I have now got the eyebrows I am happy with, although, Harriet has had to work with the old line and cover up the bad colour. It is an ongoing process and she now has another technique called Ombre – which gives a soft shadow look.

The effect, when used together with the strokes, can change the shape of the brow and really frame the face. It’s easier if you don’t go down my route and start with virgin brows, but I’m pretty sure Harriet could improve most brows. The process takes a couple of hours but most of that is in the design of the new brow.

Are Semi-Permanent Brows Painful?

The area is numbed so it isn’t painful but it is a bit uncomfortable, and I’ve got to warn you, -you do look a bit drag queen like for a few days so it’s impossible to get away with this being a secret. My long-suffering husband spends his life saying ‘what have you done to yourself now?’

Semi Permanent Makeup | Microblading


I’ve fallen in love with my semi-permanent makeup, especially the eyeliner. I volunteered to be Harriet’s model when she trained in this. At first, I was scared and not looking forward to it.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup so for me this was a big deal;  I went for a fairly fine line and I think it’s the best thing ever. My friend who came with me as Harriet’s second model also loved hers and went for a thicker line. She is much younger than me and wears eyeliner every day. It doesn’t hurt because as with the eyebrows, the area is numbed.

I admit It is a bit scary. The healing process is really quick which surprised me and I didn’t tell my husband I’d had it done; the only comment I got was ‘your face looks good today’. He still doesn’t know, he just thinks my eyes look good.

It’s important to get that second top-up treatment because the first procedure errs on the side of caution with you deciding how dark or thick you want to go on the second round. I cannot recommend this enough.

Semi-Permanent Lipstick

As we age we lose volume and definition at the corners of the mouth and our smile starts to drop. That’s where I was coming from when I had my lips done.

I also didn’t want to go down the filler route and so I needed an alternative which came in the form of having my lips tattooed. I confess Harriet didn’t do my lips it was my attempt to bribe her into even further training. For older women I would recommend it for giving definition and for younger women it’s fantastic for no makeup days ever again.

Harriet’s lips look fantastic and she hasn’t needed to wear lip colour since having had it done. For me – I think I should have gone with just a colour wash rather than a darker colour. It would still have added definition.

Is It Painful?

This procedure is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a few hours and it’s uncomfortable. You also look strange for a few days with a deep lip colour that fades and swollen lips. Knowing this I would still have it done but cancel all social appointments for 3 or 4 days after the procedure.

Deborah Bare Beauty | Semi- Permanent Makeup


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