Should we use Moisturiser?

We’ve got two experts advice to help you decide..

I have noticed over the last year several articles about moisturisers. Arguments both for and against. I think the majority of people are conditioned to apply a moisturiser as part of their daily routine. So, when I read this month’s Professional Beauty Magazine, I found an article debating the subject, which made fascinating reading.

So this month’s blog I decided to dig a little deeper and share some thoughts on the subject.

My question, would you think not to use moisturiser?

Marine Jarman – SkinGenius in Warrington thinks so, arguing there is a better way to spend your money. She argues that moisturisers sit on the surface of the skin and interfere with the natural cycle of shedding dead skin cells. Moisturisers make the skin feel temporarily plump and smooth shutting down cellular communication, causing dryness and premature ageing and thus, starting an addiction to the daily routine of applying a moisturiser.
Our skin naturally hydrates itself and good skin comes from within. It’s only as you start to age or have very dry skin or eczema that a moisturiser is helpful. Young skins do not need a moisturiser as it is already healthy and firm and resistant. Using a moisturiser overfeeds the surface of the skin and causes the skin to become lazy and the Fibroblast cells which are responsible for elastin and collagen to slow down and become less active.
But all is not lost, an alternative to moisturiser is a preventative serum. Serums contain high concentrates of active ingredients which in turn stimulate the skin at a cellular level.

Before you change your beauty regime and ditch the cream…

The opposing argument from Michaela Bolder, celebrity facialist is……
There are moisturisers out there for all skin types, and if you use the right one, a well-matched moisturiser will work on the skins water level, helping to attract moisture and increase lost water from the epidermal layers. The overall appearance of the skin is plumped and improved.

A moisturiser will provide a little bit of water each day which penetrates the cell membranes. It will lock in moisture and give a protective barrier.

Price Vs Quality

A good moisturiser doesn’t mean a high price tag and many of us are caught with the sales hype. All commercial face creams work pretty much on the same principle and are produced in a similar way. Each brand will have its point of difference – added ingredients targeted at certain things such as anti-ageing or targeting hydration they will also contain a difference in ingredients. Some may contain essential oils while others just a pleasant smell. These extras are for the customers’ sensory benefit and are often fad led.

It is considered that moisturiser plays an important part in hydrating the skin whether you choose to use one every day or a couple of times a week.

The conclusion…

So, there you have it, two very experienced therapists with opposing views. These days I don’t use a moisturiser as frequently as I did in the past and tend to fall back more on a serum. I do however use Elenza night cream, (but not all the time, I use the pot and have a break) which is scientifically driven. I know my skin feels and looks good in the morning. I tend to keep it lighter in the mornings and always use a Sederma vit C serum (which you can buy in our beauty salon) which I’m a bit addicted to, but my best advice is to always an SPF.

Harriet only ever uses a very light moisturiser and sunscreen during the day and her skin is amazing… Whatever you decide, you should do what’s right for your skin, and always get free samples of any brand you are thinking of using and just try them. If samples are not forthcoming beware because this is the only way you can test a product on your skin without forking out an expensive outlay for what may not suit you.

Remember, the more the hype around a product probably means a big marketing budget which will be costed into the selling price of the product. These days with so many products around the tendency is to layer more but often the best results are achieved with a simple skincare regime.

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